Beira Interior

Discover the hidden beauty of Portugal's countryside


Explore the untouched nature of the real Portuguese countryside, with its mountains, forest, natural pools, ancient villages, viewpoints and incredible hiking trails. The perfect retreat location for those who want to go deep into nature and discover an area of Portugal that is still to be discovered by tourists. 


Natural Park

Wide open areas of forest, rivers and lakes, perfect to immerse in the healing nature.


Hike the most beautiful trails in the untouched nature. Go deep into the forest.

Natural Pools

Take a pic-nic with your group after diving into one of the natural pools in the area to enjoy the day.

Ancient Villages

This area is particularly known for its long history - discover ancient Roman bridges, churches and traditional mills from the 18th century.

Wine tasting

Visit the local wine estate and taste its regional wines and local products like, honey, cheese, olives, and more.

Discover the beauty of the Portuguese Countryside

How to get there?

The easiest way is to get a flight to Lisbon (LIS), Portugal, from there  its a two hours drive to our venue.
Public buses are an option, but we can also provide private vans to meet your group there, and take you comfortably to the chosen venue.

Venues in this region

Located in central Portugal countryside,…
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