Not the usual team building retreat

We know the true secret to achieving stronger, more connected teams and ultimately company success. We co-create the most unique company retreat experience with you. 

Our Concept

Wide Ocean Retreat is not the normal team building retreat. We believe that the foundation of stronger teams is actually the individual. Therefore, at Wide Ocean Retreat we focus on long-term individual happiness and transformation which will lead to high-quality contribution,  more connected teams, and as a natural consequence company success.
As the first DMC specialised in retreats we will support you in the creation of an unforgettable company retreat.

Your Company Benefits

Stronger Teams

Get to know each other, boost communication and create true team spirit. And this across departments, remote teams and hierarchies!

Aligned Vision

Get some undisturbed time with everyone to align company vision, brainstorm, celebrate achievements, and foster innovation and creativity.


Reduce stress and anxiety and help employees improve their mental and physical wellbeing. A happy person is a happy employee who invests more and provides high quality work.

Attract & Retain Talent

Be an appealing place to work for. Not only is this attractive for new applicants, but you can also improve the bond to your existing employees. Stick out from the competition!

How It Works ?

Together with us, create a personalised company retreat to a unique nature destination in Portugal (incl. Madeira or Azores) that will build company success from its root.
Choose an experience from below and tell us about your objectives, group size and time either via the booking form or a quick call
Based on the info provided, we'll put together a personalised programme & quote and send this back to you.
Together, we'll give the programme its finishing touches and book in dates with a small reservation fee.
Be welcomed by us in Portugal and run an unforgettable company retreat.

Why Organise With Us?

We are the first destination management company specialised in retreats – and sustainability. Our mission is to transform company travel to support the planet, awareness and connection to nature. 

 Together with you we’ll create a personalised programme that is fully adapted to your company’s objectives.

Through our local knowledge and a strong set of quality controls we help you organise a retreat that will exceed expectations​.

1 +Years
Of Retreat Experience

Retreat Planning Made Easy

Create an unforgettable retreat experience in record time, with ease and guaranteed satisfaction for your company.


We’ve got your back – before, during and after your retreat!

Mental Health

Our programmes are specifically designed to equip people with tools to better face stress and anxiety through a combination of nature immersion, physical activity, yoga, mindfullness and team building activities.


Take your company retreat off the beaten track. Our venues are in the heart of nature, allowing everyone to rest and calm the mind!


We work only with independent venues, helping local communities grow and flourish



At Wide Ocean Retreat we want to help individuals and groups realise their retreat dreams. Why? Because we believe that retreat can help us:


  • Learn and grow to be the person we want to be🤸🏾
  • Create those memories that we’ll never forget🧘🏽‍♂️
  • Make new friends from all around the world 👯


Find out what other benefits retreats have 


The Programme

The success of our program is based on the contribution of 3 components – your company, Wide Ocean Retreat and our coaching partners (with extensive experience in companies).
IOur programmes are trialled and tested to find the perfect mix between team building activities, rest, coaching and time spent with the company and colleagues. 

Authentic Portugal

Enchanted Sintra


Company Venues & Retreats

Get a glimpse of our high quality venues across Sintra, Madeira and Beira Baixa. 

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Save Time. Guarantee Success.

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