PEOPLE m People is the third and possible most important ingredient of a great retreat. We believe that together, we are greater than our parts - which is why this section is about you, your group and us.


“At Wide Ocean Retreat we believe in the magic of the right combination of people, places and experiences. Our goal is that people who leave our retreat are inspired and equipped to become the We want to create experiences that are less about consumerism and more about becoming aware of our surroundings and the impact we have on them. Plant a seed of change, not in usual habitat, exposure to different things, very important. Give yourself time and space. Providing tools and experiences . Shift their perception. See life through other lenses. holding space. new possibilities. having fun. changing thought patterns. INSPIRE people to have more awareness in their daily choices. Bring that home so it can spread there. showing them a start to a better lifestyle for higher life quality. Lightness. not more of the same of what’s there, but more of what’s different. More conscious about themselves, environment, relationships.

Long story short, at Wide Ocean Retreat we want to help more people realise their retreat dreams – in line with the environment and local communities. 


How We Choose Our Partners

One of our ambitions is to transform company and group travel to be more sustainable for the individual, the environment and the local communities.

That is why we do not choose to bring your groups to touristic hotspots, but to take them into the less known areas to support the regional development outside of the high-season. We grow with our partners – from local venues, massage therapists, artists, activity providers and more – we help small business and individuals with low awareness to expand their reach. 


Having run a multitude of retreats in Portugal and the Azores, we have grown to become experts in this area and know what makes or breaks a retreat. As your local partners, we are here to support you before, during and after your journey.
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Founder, Yoga Teacher & Retreat Leader

Both a yoga teacher and an engineer, Antonio loves to help people find harmony and have a break from the demands of everyday life. The operations team leader, who in his free time will most surely be found surfing.

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Founder, Marketing & Retreat Leader

A natural people-lover, health enthusiast and happiness-seeker, Lisa’s purpose is to help people fulfill their dreams. The marketing and business team member, who’s always up for an interesting conversation.



Retreat & Operations Specialist

Curious and passionate, two words that best describe Marilia’s personality. She loves people, nature, yoga and everything related to becoming a better human. Connecting souls and creating amazing experiences is what fills her heart with joy.


Active Listening

We believe that every person we meet has a valuable lesson for us. We open our mind and heart and listen because we believe that this is the strongest way to grow.

We're All One

Together we can help the local communities and support our partners. With empathy for everyone, we go the extra mile. For our clients, team members and partners.

It's the Little Things in Life

We are aware that nothing lasts forever. We want to live it, together with you and experience how beautiful this world is and how valuable every second in it is.